Fishing in the Smokies

Fishing has been a part of the historic use of Great Smoky Mountains National Park since its creation. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Fishing. Another fishing source can be found at Trout Unlimited.

The native brook trout was originally present in most streams above 2000 feet elevation. Extensive logging operations in the early 1900’s caused contamination of over 160 miles of clear mountain streams eliminating the brook trout from about 50% of its original range.

Most of the streams in the area are home of the native Brook Trout and have been supplemented by the Brown and Rainbow trout. Local ponds and lakes are also home to the smallmouth and rock bass. A great local book on trout fishing is Smoky Mountains Trout Fishing Guide by Don Kirk 1985 Menasha Ridge Press, Route 3 Box 450, Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278.   Trout Fishing Books 

Fishing and Hunting Licenses

Fly Fishing the Smokies

Cooper Creek Trout Farm

Cherokee Indian Reservation Cherokee Trout Fishing 

Trout Fishing by County

 Great Smoky Mountains National Park Service Fishing Info

Trout Fishing near “Mountain Heritage Trout Waters”  Maggie Valley

Fishing in Haywood County

There are Trout “fishing Ponds” very near our cabin “SOCO Gap Trout Ponds”

Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains

Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park